Get a View of the Construction in Singapore with Its Trends and Opportunities


It is projected that the construction industry in Singapore will continue to grow up to 2019, and this will all be supported by its government's investments in the transport infrastructure. No doubt they are addressing the housing needs of their middle class population and also focusing on the development of their renewable energy resources, but at the same time, their government also has the goal to improve their transport and tourism infrastructure through various projects.

From the data of their building and construction authority, there is an increase of 5.3% being awarded to infrastructure contracts. The construction industry's output also showed an increase of its annual growth rate when it was reviewed between years 2010 to 2014. There is a study of key trends and opportunities to year 2019 that reports market analysis, information and insights about the construction activities in Singapore. Studies showed a categorization of growth by market, project type and type of construction activity. There is also an analysis of equipment, material and service costs for each project that will be conducted. It was also presented to the construction industry participants in Singapore the valuable insight into the effects of trends and issues, risks and opportunities of the industry. They also presented profiles of the different leading operators in the safe construction industry of Singapore, with the highlights of data of the large construction projects.

Through the reports provided in the report, a comprehensive analysis can be derived for this industry. It thus gives a historical and forecast evaluation of the industry with the use of construction output and value add methods. There is a presentation of the different segments of the industry's sector, from commercial, industrial, infrastructure, energy and utilities, and other project types. They can further have a breakdown of values for each project type and the type of costs involved. They are provided with analysis of key construction issues like regulation, cost management, funding and pricing that will affect the singapore construction industry's performance.

It is mentioned that the construction industry in Singapore will be supported by the so called liquefied natural gas terminal expansion projects. In fact, some awards were given to reputable companies in relation to these projects. To further improve the transport system of the country, their government is said to announce its plans to spend billions on their transport infrastructure by 2020, like the terminal 5 of Changi International Airport, Tuas seaport and other transport infrastructures. For more facts and information regarding construction, you can go to .